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Shenzhen iTrybrand Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional China car tracker manufacturers and car tracker factory, we are strong strength and complete management. Car Tracker is a navigation device normally installed by vehicle and asset with constant/portable power supply. It transmits location coordinates data to internet via cellular, LTE or Radio so as to allow the location to be displayed against a map backdrop either in real time.


Car Tracker is cost-effective, practical and efficient, can be simply afforded due to its cheap price.

Car Tracker widely used for fleet management such as car rental, taxi company, company fleet, transportation and logistics.

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  • Car tracker device hidden is a multiple function vehicle GPS tracker with smart and light compact design which is smaller than most similar products. Car tracker device hidden is compatible with accessories include panic button (sos), microphone (monitor) and relays (engine control). High cost performance makes it quickly popular in the market.

  • mini tracker for car is a small rectangular gadget that can be easily installed into a glove box. The device is water resistance and long durability which can work up to 5 years lifespan. Highly sensitive GPS and GSM chipset make it reliable in daily tracking.

  • car tracker with OBD port is a 2G OBD GPS tracker which provide location, tracking and car status. With its plug and play design, car tracker with OBD port can easily connect with OBD port to acquire real time data, such as car position, car status, acc, geo fence, etc.

  • Plug and play car tracker is a plug-and-play GPS vehicle tracker without wiring. It supports vehicle positioning, tracking, and anti-theft. With a standard OBD II plug, plug and Play car tracker can be easily installed and removed. It is very suitable to users do not want cut the car wires for install the trackers.

Car Tracker is of high quality. Shenzhen iTrybrand Technology Co.,Ltd. is one of the manufacturers from China. Welcome to wholesale and buy Car Tracker. We will provide you with the low price quotation and customized service, and also provide free sample.
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