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Shenzhen iTrybrand Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional China Gps tracking software manufacturers and Gps tracking software factory, we are strong strength and complete management. GPS tracking software is a tracking system which can help to take care of all about your vehicles with GPS tracker. It’s online monitoring, real-time tracking whenever you want to know the status of the vehicle.


GPS tracking software offers various reports,such as mileage report, fuel report, trip report, and engine report. What’s more, it supports alternative alerts, such as speeding, engine on/off, vibration and low battery.


GPS tracking software enables to manage vehicles effectively online and all management will be on one platform.

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  • cloud-based gps tracking software is using the most stable cloud server from Alibaba. There are back up servers working all the time to make the data safer. Customization service is available for any potential users to open your own marketing. The real time tracking and control all assets/vehicles under your account is now easier by using cloud-based gps tracking software.

  • gps tracking software for car and motorbike is a tracking platform with two APPs. The dealers can create multi-user accounts, the first level account is able to create sub-account to each user and can add and active GPS tracker from different factories by themselves at any time. Many factory GPS device protocols are supported perfectly so that you can control all devices in one platform with one account only.

  • first year free tracking software for car is a multiple functional tracking platform with two APPs(Android/ios.)Three months free history playback and multiple reports. It is stable enough with rich functions based on Ali cloud server. The dealers control their own access right and fleet management details freely.

Gps Tracking Software is of high quality. Shenzhen iTrybrand Technology Co.,Ltd. is one of the manufacturers from China. Welcome to wholesale and buy Gps Tracking Software. We will provide you with the low price quotation and customized service, and also provide free sample.
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