Shenzhen iTrybrand Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional China tracker manufacturers and tracker factory, we are strong strength and complete management. Tracker has three major functions: line hunting, line alignment and line status testing. It is fast and accurate. It is a practical tool for communication line, integrated wiring, line and other weak current system installation and maintenance engineering technicians. It is mainly divided into car tracker, vehicle tracker, OBD tracker.

Tracker is widely used in telephone systems, computer networks and other fields involving metal wire lines.

The tracker consists of a main tester (NF-308), a receiver (NF-838-R) and a remote identifier.
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  • vehicle gps tracker is a 4G vehicle GPS device with multifunction tracker. vehicle gps tracke is compatible with accessories including panic button (sos), Microphone (voice recording) and relays (engine cut off/restore). It is perfect for logistics, fleet management etc.

  • Car tracker device hidden is a multiple function vehicle GPS tracker with smart and light compact design which is smaller than most similar products. Car tracker device hidden is compatible with accessories include panic button (sos), microphone (monitor) and relays (engine control). High cost performance makes it quickly popular in the market.

  • Accurate vehicle tracker manual GPS tracker is a smart and mini wired GPS tracker with sensitive chip and accurate location. Accurate vehicle tracker manual GPS tracker is with a small back-up battery and output of relays.

  • magnetic vehicle tracker has multiple intelligent work mode. magnetic vehicle tracker is with Long standby big battery tracker, very powerful and useful. easy to use and can be carried everywhere. It is a typical design combing communication products and GPS services.

  • Wireless vehicle tracker represents the perfect combination of GSM and GPS technologies. Wireless vehicle tracker, with its precise dimensions and compact appreance, expresses and advanced workmanship in the GPS and LBS field. It is a typical design combing communication products and GPS services. 

  • vehicle tracker gps tracker real-time locator is a built-in high sensitive GPS GSM antenna device. It uploads real time location by GSM to network which help users track and monitor whenever they want. Its smart size and less wire make the installation to vehicle easily.

Tracker is of high quality. Shenzhen iTrybrand Technology Co.,Ltd. is one of the manufacturers from China. Welcome to wholesale and buy Tracker. We will provide you with the low price quotation and customized service, and also provide free sample.
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