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  • GPS Company Vehicle Tracking System of our company is a professional Web-based GPS tracking software. A lot of customers from all over the world are using this software to provide live tracking service to their clients, it is stable enough with rich functions based on ali cloud server.

  • The vehicle tracking device for OBD II is ideal for companies who want to keep track of their company vehicles. See the speed of the vehicle, stops it made (with time and duration) as well a history of everywhere the vehicle has been over time. You can also get alerts with vehicle tracking device for OBD II ,when vehicles leave or enter an area. See all your vehicles an easy-to-use dashboard give other users the ability to track and manage vehicles.

  • OBD tracker for all car will track in real time, this is ideal for those who need to be able to track trailers, equipment, and other assets in real time. OBD tracker for all car is waterproof and has a backup battery, it will show in real time where the equipment is and also show how often it has been used.

  • car tracker with OBD port is a 2G OBD GPS tracker which provide location, tracking and car status. With its plug and play design, car tracker with OBD port can easily connect with OBD port to acquire real time data, such as car position, car status, acc, geo fence, etc.

  • Plug and play car tracker is a plug-and-play GPS vehicle tracker without wiring. It supports vehicle positioning, tracking, and anti-theft. With a standard OBD II plug, plug and Play car tracker can be easily installed and removed. It is very suitable to users do not want cut the car wires for install the trackers.

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